Captain sim 757 p3d v4

EPR engages, engines spool up. VNAVs biggest issue is during decent. Can someone please let them know the calibre of customer that they need to satisfy?

captain sim 757 p3d v4

UK Beta Tester. Best regards, David Roch Intel K 5. MSFS Alpha tester. What about the trim at takeoff issue and climb thrust being rated higher than takeoff thrust? Are these fixed? I find the first climb segments to be pretty messy.

At least that's what I saw the only time I tested it. Honestly for 25 bucks it's more than ok, but not for the usual It looks great and although it might never get fully fixed it's very fun. I'll go for it. Hard to see that all the good things are coming this weekend. My system specs: Core 2 quad Q 3. So if they were not operating as they should, I didn't really notice.

No worries. I'm sure you would have noticed if these things didn't work right. Plus, I struggle to find a reasonable thrust reduction for takeoff. Thus, takeoff and the first climb segments become messy and really stressful. These are the bugs that still keep me from thoroughly enjoying this bird which is otherwise fantastic. I completely agree with your statement about the RWY overrun.

I didn't notice the trim issues. I set the trim the CDU computes but didn't notice it pitch issue. It was said that panel states can be saved. I must stand corrected and apologize to the Developer.

It appears the "issues" with EPR were user my error. I did a quick flight after receiving some insight from the Developer and everything worked as should. This is with update. Maybe this update did fix some of the big issues. Aaron there was an issue where the throttle would not keep the target speed during cruise throttle would just not move forward enough. Did you experience this in previous version 1. Was it fixed in 1. FPS are still on the lower side though.CaptainSim has yesterday released an update for the Boeing The new updates includes several new features and many bug fixes.

The Boeing was released as a b eta at the end of April and has received several updates since.

captain sim 757 p3d v4

The current version includes only the Base Pack. Expansion packages, similar to how they work with theare already announced. In v0. The now has full DirectX 12 support in P3D v5 and got a new rain effect with it. The yoke checklist has received slider animation. More mouse controls to some of the 2D pop-up windows are added. So far the new features. But as mentioned earlier, there are also many bug fixes.

The autopilot now moves the yoke as well. There are many fixes with the systems. The gear retract animation sequences is fixed as well. First the main door gears, then the nose door and finally all gears retract. As usual, the full changelog can be found at the bottom of the article. New features: — Airplane casting shadow in virtual cockpit views. The doors should open before the gear starts moving. Main gear doors, then nose door, followed by all the gear retracting at the same time.

I first got into aviation 5 years ago. I wanted something more realistic and decided to buy some addons and eventually upgrade to Prepar3D and that's what I still use today. I've always loved writing and doing research and am very happy to put it to good use here. Changelog New features: — Airplane casting shadow in virtual cockpit views. Report Issue. Author: Dag I first got into aviation 5 years ago. Canada4XPlane releases Courtenay Airpark.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy.Pages: 1 Send Topic Print. When taxing my speed begans to bleed off too soon. Once you throttle up and began moving you should be able to coast for a bit before speed begins to bleed off.

IP Logged. It has been asked already, with no reply from Captain Sim, so I guess they think that's how it should be. It would appear that physics wasn't quite their strong suit. Kapetan wrote on Jul 9 that am: It has been asked already, with no reply from Captain Sim, so I guess they think that's how it should be.

During beta it went through quite a few changes with taxiing, and they were happy with the way it was at in the end the same as it is now. Knowing this might help you to understand why you probably won't see any changes to the way the III taxis. Mark Fletcher PC: i7 K 4. I just did a test in P3Dv4, and theat tonnes, took about 50 seconds to stop after maintaining 30 knots while taxiing on a flat surface.

I wouldn't call 50 seconds "a few". Markoz wrote on Jul 10 that am: I just did a test in P3Dv4, and theat tonnes, took about 50 seconds to stop after maintaining 30 knots while taxiing on a flat surface. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Pages: 1. Send Topic Print. Print Post.

It really is a shame that their PR doesn't think it that important to respond to questions - even if it means to say "we're not looking at that at the moment". And if you critique that, your post is deleted. I meeeaaaaan I did not say "a few", I said "in seconds" which proved to be correct since it took less than a minute for it to fully stop.

Now, to compare it to OTHER addon aircraft that we have for simulator, that I won't name, and it took 4 minutes and 45 seconds for it to slow down from 30kt to 10kt! And it just continued rolling, which is correct behavior if we apply law of inertia. I stopped there because I ran out of runway, it would have kept going and going.

I even shut down engines as soon as I reached 30kt to eliminate the possibility that idle thrust is propelling it. If you don't want to compare it to other developer's aircraft, just have a look for some real videos of aircraft taxiing. In most of cases they add break off thrust and then just continue rolling on idle, adding some thrust every now and then. I've seen I know, it's not abut it should be capable of doing the same in 90deg turns without adding any thrust what so ever, that's not possible with CS If you're slow, for example, 7kt and start a 90degree turn, it will stop in the middle of a turn, and I think it should be able to complete the turn with no issues.

With CS aircraft you need to add thrust often to keep it between 20 and 30kt during taxi. Same thing is with newI don't own it but I've seen people on Twitch using it. As soon as you bring it back to idle, speed bleeds off too quickly. I would say that friction model is bad in Captain Sim aircraft, friction seems to be just too much.

I'm not trying to make CS look bad, I just want to enjoy flying this aircraft as much as I enjoy flying other aircraft.FPS are still on the lower side though. They also fixed the climb issues in. I suspect that performance may suffer because of that high detail cabin UK Beta Tester. Unfortunately, part of the confirmation stated "no download link available". So I checked my email I checked my CS order page I note that the CS III is still sitting in the basket, although I have already paid for it, and received an order number I have just posted this information on their forum in response to another forum poster who has a similar problem.

A mailbox test has confirmed that I can receive emails from CaptainSim. How do the engines spool up when starting?

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Nice and slow, as with a PMDG, or do they suddenly jump to life, like a default piston engine? But I wish you the best and hope it will get sorted. Also please give us all a full review when your up and running, always good to read. D avid M urden. PC k 4. It will be safely backed up in the next few minutes. I will have to keep checking to see if they add it to my Orders list Is there a livery manager available or is manual installation the only option for installing new liveries.??

I know the QW will be a straight port from FSX, and it is rather light on systems realism and complexity, but IMHO it has a pretty good virtual cockpit and external models, and it includes the and series, plus both PW and RR engine options and the freighter versions in one package. It took me a while to work it out as well. Go into the ACE application and change the button at the top to online.

You can then select the engine type and livery you want. By sure to click on save when the livery has downloaded. So are these liveries installed automatically with the ACE after you download and save them.??Log in. Shopping Bag. Your Shopping Bag is empty! Shopping Bag Proceed to Checkout. Captain Sim.

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VAT All sales based on Euro. Other currencies shown as reference only!

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Aerosoft GmbH. Pete Dowson. HiFi Technologies, Inc. Drzewiecki Design. Thank you for making these. They are working perfectly. Much Appreciated. This is my first aiport from this developer and I am really impressed. I was hard pressed which one of their products to choose but opted for LIBR as it caters for various airline companies which gives me the choice of flying an airline that services this airport.

The detail is excellent and the surrounding scenery, outside of the airport boundary, is also modelled which makes it all the more immersive.

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M- y landing was at dusk and the lighting around the airport really stands out and it does appear to be better than some more "high profile" developers.

The flight Dynamics seem to be very good Although I am real Pilot I never flown the PC12 in real lifealmost all the systems work properly, and the reality that the GTN adds into the operation, it makes this aircraft almost a "study level". So, fellow Captains, now this is on sale, give an chance, but remember you need to get the REP expansion also, and if you can the Garminit might get a little expensive, but you will love it, for sure!!.

Gree- tings Commanders. This aircraft is amazing, is really the beginning of the new quality of Virtualcol prducts.

captain sim 757 p3d v4

Virtualcol really made a great and fun aircraft to fly. The dynamics are good, the aircraft and cockpit resolutions are good, FPS friendly and comes with a good amount of liveries and free ones can be found. Just remember to download the update on the Virtualcol page because the A model will not show up. Even though a year has past since the release of this product, the engine sometimes makes a weird noise when taxing or at low speeds but not as much as before the update.

Overall is really good, a great addition for the sims and completely worth the price. Another great product, and a very good location choice. Amazing job from Godzone VF! This scenery looks great and the performance is also good. A must have scenery for everyone who loves to fly to New Zealand. Does not look, feel, or sound like the real aircraft.

Prepar3D v4.5 - Airbus A380 - London - Dubai - P3D - 4K

No left turning tendency on takeoff. Horrible G functionality. Just as good as the Abacus AMake sure your simulator is not running. I have updated the download link, thank you for pointing this out. The update is free, the base package is of course payware. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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Have you contacted the developer via the support forum?


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captain sim 757 p3d v4

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Necessary Always Enabled.I think it's a fair review in a nutshell, ok I had to reinstall and learn the FMC but once you master it it's a piece of cake, I also wrote down my own checklists, and yes it still has a few quirks with the AP but I have two complete flights with it taking my time and I have to admit it was very nice. If and when you upgrade your CPU, you can probably enjoy it more. Over the years I have seen many members having major issues with their flight simulator and, where I get over 40 fps, they could only get 10 to On further explanation, it was found the member had 5 or 6 monitors.

Things like that. As I have stated elsewhere in the past, I believe many developers take advantage of the latest technology to give their products more eye-candy now that those who use 64 bit technology as in P3DV4 do not have to worry about out of memory errors and can push their sliders much higher.

The more eye-candy, the more sales. Agree on most of this Jim. I'm not complaining really as I do think CS have done a great job on the level of the systems and the key thing is you can adjust your detail in P3d so the view is perfectly acceptable and frame rates will be pretty stable.

It is the spiking and unstable fps of some products I find a bit much and that indicates not much effort was put into the reason why.

There isn't much in the aircraft config that can be done except fiddle with the inertia values and rather crude stability values. Jim summed it up quite nicely. I dont find much issue with the CS other than odd quirks once in a while. But hey thats realistic in the real world.

Pilots deal with oddities that just come up with no explanation. Same goes for LNAV. But honestlyits quite good, and well improved from initial release. The 24hr sale was a steal.

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Hopefully they do the TBH both are good. They need some minor fixes but you now can definetely fly these no problem. These ain't pmdg level though, but if you're a guy like me who just flys around in this thing it's more than ok. ON both the sounds are good, and the physics can be improved but it's still very serious. My system specs: Core 2 quad Q 3. If so, did you need to for example disable the passenger cabin?

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